Randolph County Schools
Table of Contents

2220f1Characteristics of a High-Quality Work Ethic
2220f2Characteristics of a High-Quality Work Ethic (Student)
2240bf1Request for Release from Instruction
2252f1Evaluation of a Plan
2260f2Notice of Nondiscrimination and Internal Complaint Procedures (Including Title VI, Title VII, and Title IX)
2260f3Student Accommodation Plan
2260ff1Home Language Survey
2260.01f1Section 504/ADA Internal Complaint - Student
2260.01af1Checklist for Compliance with Section 504
2260.01af2Procedural Safeguards for Section 504
2260.01af3Notice of Parent/Student Rights In Identification, Evaluation, and Placement of Individuals with Disabilities
2260.01af4Referral for Suspected Section 504 Disability
2260.01af6Parental Permission for 504 Evaluation
2260.01af7Section 504 Release of Information and Records
2260.01af8Section 504 Physician Questionnaire
2260.01af9Notice of Section 504 IAT Conference
2260.01af10Section 504 IAT Conference Report
2260.01af11Eligibility Checklist for Section 504 Disability in Learning
2260.01af12Examples of Disabilities that are Potentially Covered by Section 504
2260.01af14Classroom Adjustment Checklist
2260.01af15Section 504 Causal Relationship IAT Conference Report
2260.01af16Accessibility Checklist
2260.01af17Notice of Section 504 Meeting
2260.01af18SAT/504 Classroom Interventions
2260.01bf2Section 504/ADA Grievance - Employee/Other
2260.01cf1Request for Reasonable Accommodation
2261f1Title I
2261.01f1Parent/Teacher/Student Compact
2271f2Student Status Report
2271f4Waiver and Release
2340f1Field Trip Request Form
2340f2Parent Consent For Trip
2340f3Checklist for Trips
2340f4Trip Request Co-Curricular/Extra-Curricular
2340f5Proposal for Overnight/Extended Student Trips
2340f6Responsibility Contract for Overnight Trips
2340f7Field Trip Evaluation
2340f8Responsibilities of Trip Chaperones
2412f1Application for Homebound Instruction
2412f2SAT Homebound Education Plan
2412f3Application for Home/Hospital Instruction Program
2416f1Written Consent for Student to Submit to or Participate in a Survey, Analysis, or Evaluation
2416f2Request to Inspect Materials Used in Conjunction with any Survey, Analysis, or Evaluation
2423f1Work-Site Learning Agreement
2431f1Parent Acknowledgement of Risk and Release
2431f2Student Acknowledgement of Risk and Release
2431bf1Sportsmanship Expectations for Coaches
2431bf2Sportsmanship Expectations for Student-Athletes
2431bf4Sportsmanship Expectations for Student Groups
2431bf5Sportsmanship Expectations for Spectators
2431bf6Sportsmanship Expectations for Announcers
2451f1Alternative Learning Center Referral
2510f1Instructional Resource Selection
2520f1Rating Nondistrict Instructional Resources
2531f1Request for Permission to Copy
2531f2Request Permission to Retain an Off-Air Copy
2623bf1District Test Coordinator's Secure Materials and Test Procedures Agreement
2623bf2Principal's Secure Materials and Test Procedures Agreement
2623bf3Building Level Coordinator's Secure Materials and Test Procedures Agreement (Other Than Principal)
2623bf4Examiner's/Scribe's Secure Materials and Test Procedures Agreement
2623bf5RESA/District/School Personnel Secure Materials Agreement (For all personnel with access to secure materials who will not administer or transcribe an assessment.)
2623bf6Verification of Training for Principals, Building Level Coordinators, District/School/RESA Personnel (Examiners/Scribes/Other School Personnel)
2623bf7District Technology Coordinator or Technology Vendor Secure Materials and Test Procedures Agreement