School District Of Westfield
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education acknowledges that conduct is closely related to learning and that an effective instructional program requires an orderly school environment, which is, in part, reflected in the behavior of students.

The Board believes that the best discipline is self-imposed and that students should learn to assume responsibility for their own behavior and the consequences of their actions.

The Board shall require each student of this District to adhere to the Code of Conduct promulgated by the administration and to submit to such disciplinary measures as are appropriately assigned for infraction of those rules. Such rules shall require that students:

 A.conform to reasonable standards of socially-acceptable behavior;

 B.respect the person and property of others;

 C.preserve the degree of order necessary to the educational program in which they are engaged;

 D.respect the rights of others;

 E.obey constituted authority and respond to those who hold that authority.

The Board shall attempt to provide, as resources permit, alternative programs and activities for disruptive students as a means to prevent or reduce discipline problems. In planning such programs, the District Administrator shall include procedures which ensure cooperation with those community agencies and organizations which can provide assistance to such students.

The District Administrator shall publish to all students and their parents the rules of this District regarding student conduct, the sanctions which may be imposed for breach of those rules, and the due process procedures that will be followed in administering the Code of Conduct.

120.13(1), Wis. Stats.

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