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It shall be the policy of the Board of Education to acknowledge each student's successful completion of the instructional program appropriate to the achievement of District goals and objectives as well as personal proficiency by the awarding of a diploma at fitting graduation ceremonies.

The Board permits students in 7th or 8th grade to earn credit towards a high school diploma in any class taken that is approved by the Board for such purpose, provided that the student is academically prepared based on performance on approved pupil assessments. Any course designated for high school credit at the middle school level must be taught by a teacher with high school certification in the subject matter and must be taught using curriculum and assessments equivalent to those used in the subject at the high school level.

Credit may be earned in any subject area meeting the requirements under this policy.

Courses taken by middle school students for high school credit shall appear on the studentsí high school transcript, along with the grade received; however, the grade and class will not be factored into the studentsí high school grade point average.

The Board directs the District Administrator to develop appropriate courses after determining annually whether sufficient student interest and appropriate staffing justifies offering such course(s). The District Administrator shall establish procedures to determine whether a middle school student is academically prepared to take any course approved for high school credit.

The Board of Education recognizes that students are not all the same and that some individuals need alternatives within and outside of the regular school day. To that end, the following opportunities are available for earning high school credit, with the proper approval of the principal:



Correspondence courses through accredited institutions like UW-Extension, Technical Colleges, Universities, other K-12 School District, or Departments of Public Instruction



Independent Study



Distance Learning



Youth Options



Alternative (At-Risk) Programs



Individual Out-of-School Experiences



Other (Discretion of building principal)

The District will pay for course work in an area where our District does not offer a similar course and which takes place during the school day and school year.

These credits may be applied towards class standing and graduation requirements.



Freshman = Less than 6 high school credits



Sophomore = 6 high school credits



Junior = 12 high school credits



Senior = 18 high school credits



Graduate = 26 credits (4 English, 3 Social Studies, 3 Math, 3 Science, 1.5 Physical Education, 0.5 Health, and 11 Elective), and Wisconsin Student Assessment System related criteria

Participation in Graduation Exercises is dependent upon completion of all required credits, Wisconsin Student Assessment System related criteria, appropriate dress code as set forth by the principal, and appropriate student behavior as determined by the principal.

The Board shall award a regular high school diploma to every student enrolled in this District who meets the requirements of graduation established by this Board as provided by State law.

Students with disabilities who properly complete the programs specified in their I.E.P. and have received the recommendation of the I.E.P. Committee may participate in graduation activities and may be awarded a diploma (provided the student satisfied the District's high school graduation requirements and/or the graduation requirements outlined in the studentís IEP).

The principal of the high school shall prepare a report describing the District's policies on high school graduation standards, including a list of courses required under State law and the number of hours in each school term required to earn one (1) credit for those courses. Additionally, any change to the District's policies shall also be reported to the Department of Public Instruction or other appropriate agency after it has been approved by the Board and signed by the Board president, the District Administrator, and the principal. A student may be denied participation in graduation activities for disciplinary reasons and for non-payment of fees.

115.28, 118.30, 118.33, Wis. Stats.

Revised 10/15/14
Revised 1/28/15

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