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The School District of Westfield will grant substitute credit for one-half (.5) of the 1.5 physical education credits required for graduation in English, mathematics, science, or social studies. The one-half credit substitution course must be in addition to the minimum graduation credit requirement for English, social studies, mathematics, or science. The course the student/parent wants to substitute must be approved by the high school principal prior to the substitute credit option being recorded on the studentís high school transcript. Participation in the sport itself does not constitute a course and does not qualify for any high school graduation credit.

The School District of Westfield will consider the substitute credit option for students who participate and finish the season in good standing, as determined by the head coach, athletic director and high school principal, in all district sponsored WIAA sanctioned activities plus cheerleading/dance offered at Westfield Area High School.

The following criteria must be met to be eligible for substitute credit as defined above:



The student must participate in a WIAA sanctioned activity or cheerleading/dance for the entire season during grade 11 or the fall season of grade 12.



The student must submit to the principal confirmation of regular attendance at practices with a verification form completed by the coach no later than two (2) weeks after the conclusion of the season.



The student must not have been out for more than three (3) weeks for injury or illness during the sport season. If a student is out for more than three (3) weeks for injury or illness during the season the student must complete a health pass packet.



The student must not have had any violations of the activity code resulting in a suspension of one (1) or more events during the sport season.



The student must be an athlete who is eligible to compete for the entire season.

Any appeals for the substitute credit option will be made to the District Administrator whose decision will be final.

Complete the Physical Education Substitute Credit Verification Form found on our website under forms.

Note: The term "week" means seven (7) calendar days.

118.33 (1) (e), Wis. Stats.

Adopted 3/12/14