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The Board of Education requires that all students be properly immunized pursuant to the regulations of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS).

All students shall be required to provide records establishing that they meet the DHS immunization requirements or request a waiver of those requirements not later than the 30th school day from the beginning of the school year or initial enrollment in the District, for students transferring into the District.

The parent of any student for which record of proper immunization is not on file, shall be given written notification of this requirement by the 15th school day and the 25th school day following enrollment. The notice shall:



state the immunization requirements;



state that Court action and civil forfeiture penalty can result due to noncompliance;



explain the reasons for the immunization program and provide information on how and where to obtain immunizations;



inform the parent of the right to request a waiver of the immunization requirement based on reasons of health, religion, or personal conviction.

Waivers of the immunization requirements shall be granted only for medical, religious, or personal convictions.

Any student that fails to meet the immunization requirements within the first thirty (30) school days of enrollment shall not be permitted to attend school for up to ten (10) day consecutive school days. The parent will be provided with an opportunity to be heard by the Board under the Districtís student expulsion policy. Notice to this effect shall be provided in writing to the parent and student. The District is obligated to receive parental permission before releasing any records to governmental agencies.

The District Administrator shall establish administrative guidelines to implement this policy and comply with State law.

120.12(16), 252.04, Wis. Stats.
Wis. Admin Code DHS 144.07

Revised 12/17/14
Revised 6/15/16

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