School District Of Westfield
Bylaws & Policies


To provide for the protection of the students, the District shall make available emergency nursing services during the regular school day and during all school sponsored activities of students.

The District shall provide for the management of illness (Policy 5310, Policy 5335, Policy 8450, and Policy 8453), accidental injury (Policy 5340 and Policy 5341), and the administration of medication and emergency care (Policy 5330).

The District Administrator shall develop guidelines that will provide student emergency information cards, equipment, supplies, and space for the emergency nursing services that are appropriate and readily accessible. The District Administrator shall also identify a medical advisor.

The District shall make available emergency student information, first aid supplies, and appropriate and accessible space for the rendering of emergency nursing services.

This policy has been reviewed by the school nurse in cooperation with other school district personnel and representatives from community health agencies and services. The School Board shall review and evaluate emergency nursing services each year, including a review of the policies referenced above.

Wis. Stat.121.02(1)(g)
PI 8.01(2)(g)4

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