West Clermont Local School District
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It shall be the policy of the Board of Education to use regular or special-purpose school vehicles for transportation on field and other District-sponsored trips.

The transportation for all field and other District-sponsored trips is to be by vehicles owned or approved by the District and driven by approved drivers. Exceptions must have the approval of the Superintendent.

The Board will assume the vehicle cost for all other trips including co-curricular, athletic, and other extra-curricular trips, but the cost of the driver shall be paid by the sponsoring organization.

Transportation may be limited by the availability of vehicles, drivers, and scheduling and will not be available when needed for general school purposes.

All field trips shall be supervised by members of the staff. All other District-sponsored trips shall be supervised by either staff members or adults from the sponsoring organization. Any time students are on the vehicle, at least one (1) sponsor, chaperone, or staff member is expected to ride in the vehicle as well as to supervise students upon return to the District and while they are waiting for rides home.

All students are expected to ride the approved vehicle to and from each activity. A special request must be made to the staff member or sponsor by the parent, in writing or in person, to allow an exception.

District students not affiliated with the trip activity, nondistrict students, and/or children of preschool age shall not be permitted to ride on the trip vehicle.

No student is allowed to drive on any trip. An exception may be made by the principal on an individual basis provided the student’s parent(s) provides written authorization and release from liability using Form 5515 F2 – Parental Authorization and Release From Liability Form and does not transport any other student.

The Superintendent shall prepare administrative guidelines consistent with this policy.

R.C. 3327.08, 3327.13, 3327.14, 3327.013
A.C. 3301-83-16

Revised 12/9/13
Revised 6/25/15

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