West Clermont Local School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education maintains a personal information ("PI") system and shall do so in accordance with the provisions of R.C. Chapter 1347. The Board is committed to only collecting, maintaining, and using the personal information that is necessary and relevant to it carrying out the effective operation of the District. All personal information maintained in the PI system shall be used in a lawful manner for legitimate purposes consistent with the functions of the District.

Personal information is defined as "any information that describes anything about a person, or that indicates actions done by or to a person, or that indicates that a person possesses certain personal characteristics, and that contains, and can be retrieved from a system by, a name, identifying number, symbol, or other identifier assigned to a person."

The Superintendent is directly responsible for the operation of the PI system, including preparing and implementing rules that provide for the operation of the information system. All employees responsible for collecting, maintaining, and/or utilizing personal information maintained in the PI system shall be provided a copy of any rules that are promulgated and trained in how to comply with them and the provisions of the law.

The Board shall discipline any employee or student who engages in the unauthorized use or release of the personal information contained in the PI system. Disciplinary action shall be taken consistent with State and Federal law and any applicable collective bargaining agreements, and may include action up to and including termination.

Whenever a person is requested to supply personal information that will be maintained in the PI system, the person will be informed whether s/he is legally required to provide the personal information. If the person is not legally required to provide the personal information, s/he may refuse to supply the information and no adverse consequences will be imposed as a result of the refusal.

The Board shall take reasonable precautions to protect personal information maintained in the information system from unauthorized modification, destruction, use, or disclosure. The Board shall eliminate personal information from the PI system when it is no longer necessary and relevant to the District carrying out its functions.

R.C. 1347.05

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