West Clermont Local School District
Bylaws & Policies

7530.01 - TELEPHONE USAGE (Cellular Phones and Desk Phones)

District-issued cellular telephones and desk telephones are intended for official business use. While occasional personal use of land-lines is permitted, employees must reimburse the school district for personal long distance calls. Personal calls on District-issued cell phones are strictly prohibited.

Cellular Telephone Assignment and Use

Cellular telephones and pagers shall be issued only to those employees with a demonstrated need for these types of communication, and with the approval of the direct supervisor and Operations Manager. Employees who use a District-issued cellular telephone agree to the following rules of use:

 A.Employees must safeguard any cellular telephone and pager equipment in their possession.

 B.The loss of any cellular telephone or pager equipment shall be reported to the employee’s supervisor immediately. If theft is suspected, the police should also be notified immediately.

 C.Employees shall exercise extreme caution when driving and talking on a cellular telephone. Unless utilizing a "hands-free" speakerphone option, employees should stop their vehicle as soon as safely possible to use cellular phones.

 D.When an employee no longer has a demonstrated need for the cellular telephone or pager, or when the employee terminates employment with any Department, that employee shall return any cellular telephone and pager equipment to that Department.

 E.Repeated non-compliance with this policy shall result in progressive discipline and may result in loss of cellular and/or paging equipment.

 F.The Operations Manager shall annually review the need and ensure the user agreement is signed annually.