West Clermont Local School District
Bylaws & Policies


It is the purpose of this policy to establish financial controls for the administration of the normal, legitimate activities of the student body organization.

For purposes of this policy, a "student activity fund" may include, but not be limited to, co-curricular and approved extra-curricular activities such as clubs, publications, etc.

Each activity covered by this policy must be recognized by the Board of Education before monies can be collected or disbursed in the name of said activity. Any and all proposed expenditures from a student activity fund must be approved by the Board or its designee prior to disbursement and must serve a valid and proper public purpose.

The Board authorizes the maintenance of approved student activity funds.

The Board authorizes the principal to act on its behalf to review and approve each expenditure from a student activity fund prior to disbursement. In approving an expenditure, the principal shall ensure that it is related to achieving one (1) or more of the stated purposes for which the student activity has been organized and will serve a valid and proper public purpose.

An expenditure may consist of a donation to an organization or individual for a purpose deemed appropriate by the Treasurer.

An expenditure shall not be approved if it accrues to the personal benefit of a member of the staff or a member of the student group. Monies are not to be disbursed to a school class or group for any activity or event that will occur after the students have graduated.

Fund raising for all student activities will be in accordance with Board Policy 5830 and Policy 9700.

All monies accumulated in the account of a specific class or activity will, upon the discontinuance of the activity, be disposed of in accordance with the recommendation approved by the Superintendent.

The Treasurer shall implement administrative guidelines which will require that all student activity funds are managed, recorded, and deposited in accordance with law and sound fiscal practice.

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