West Clermont Local School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education shall not enter a contract knowingly with any supplier of goods or services to this District under which any Board member or officer, employee, or agent of this School District has any pecuniary or beneficial interest, direct or indirect, unless the person has not solicited the contract or participated in the negotiations leading up to the contract. This prohibition shall not prevent any person from receiving royalties upon the sale of any educational material of which s/he is the author and which has been properly approved for use in the schools of this District.

Board members and school personnel shall not accept any form of compensation from vendors that might influence their recommendations on the eventual purchase of equipment, supplies, or services. Furthermore, Board members and school personnel shall not accept any compensation from a vendor after a decision has been made to purchase equipment, supplies, or services from said vendor. In addition, Board members or school personnel who recommend purchases, shall not enter into a contractual arrangement with a vendor seeking to do business with the District, or a vendor with whom the District is doing business, whereby an individual board member or member of the school staff receives compensation in any form for services rendered.

Such compensation includes, but is not limited to, cash, checks, stocks, or any other form of securities, and gifts such as televisions, computers, discount certificates, travel vouchers, tickets, passes, and other such things of value. In the event that a Board member or member of the school staff receives such compensation, albeit unsolicited, from a vendor, the Board member or school staff member shall notify the Treasurer, in writing, that s/he received such compensation and shall thereafter promptly transmit said compensation to the Treasurer at his/her earliest opportunity.

All sales persons, regardless of product, shall clear with the Superintendent's office before contacting any teachers, students, or other personnel of the School District. Purchasing personnel shall not show any favoritism to any vendor. Each order shall be placed in accordance with policies of the Board on the basis of quality, price, and delivery with past service a factor if all other considerations are equal.

In accordance with State law, Policy 4121, and Policy 8142, a criminal background check is required of any non-teaching employee, including individuals employed by a private company/vendor under contract with the Board to provide essential school services who will work within the District in a position which does not require a license issued by the State Board of Education, is not for the operation of a vehicle for student transportation, but does involve routine interaction with a child or regular responsibility for the care, custody, or control of a child.

A completed DMA form with no positive indications that material assistance has been provided to a terrorist organization is required of each private person or entity with whom the Board intends to enter into a contract that amounts to an aggregate of greater than $100,000 annually.

R.C. 2909.33, 3319.391, 3319.392
Auditorís Bulletin 2000-006

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