West Clermont Local School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education recognizes the value of an efficient method of payment and recordkeeping for certain expenses.

The Board, therefore, authorizes the use of District credit cards. The authorization, handling and use of credit cards has been established to provide a convenient and efficient means to purchase goods and services from vendors. Credit cards, however, shall not be used in order to circumvent the general purchasing procedures established by State law and Board policy. The Board affirms that credit cards shall only be used in connection with Board-approved or school-related activities and that only those types of expenses that are for the benefit of the District and serve a valid and proper public purpose shall be paid for by credit card. However, under no circumstances shall credit cards be used for personal purchases or the purchase of alcoholic beverages regardless of whether the purchase of such beverages is made in connection with a meal.

Use of the District credit card for any cash withdrawal transaction is strictly prohibited.

The Treasurer/CFO shall develop administrative guidelines that specify those employees authorized to use credit cards, the types of expenses which can be paid by credit card, and their proper supervision and use. Inappropriate or illegal use of the credit card and/or failure to strictly comply with the limitations and requirements set forth in the administrative guidelines may result in a loss of credit card privileges, disciplinary action, up to and including termination, personal responsibility for any and all inappropriate charges, including finance charges and interest assessed in connection with the purchase, and/or possible referral to law enforcement authorities for prosecution.

The Board directs the Treasurer/CFO to determine and specify those employees authorized to use District credit cards. The Treasurer/CFO shall be responsible for giving direction to and supervising such employees’ use of District credit cards.

Revised 5/23/17

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