West Clermont Local School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education retains the right and the responsibility to manage the work force. When the discipline of a staff member becomes necessary, such action shall be in proportion to the employee’s offense or misconduct, consistent with appropriate procedural and substantive due process, State law, and/or the specific provision of any appropriate collective bargaining agreement.

The Superintendent will file a report with the Ohio Department of Education, in accordance with Policy 8141 and State law, concerning certain non-teaching employees who are also licensed by the Ohio Department of Education (e.g., aides with a permit, paraprofessionals with a license, and those individuals who do not hold a valid educator's license but who are employed by the Board under a Student Activity Permit) who plead guilty to or who are convicted of certain specified crimes and/or where it is reasonably determined that such non-teaching employee has engaged in conduct which is unbecoming the teaching profession under certain specific circumstances as defined therein.

All other non-teaching employees who are the subject of a criminal records check as set forth in Policy 4121 and Policy 8142, including applicants hired provisionally in advance of a completed criminal records check, as well as employees engaged to operate a vehicle for student transportation (bus/van drivers), and/or individuals employed by a private company under contract with the Board to provide essential school services and who will work within the District in a position which does not require a license issued by the State Board of Education, is not for the operation of a vehicle for student transportation, and involves routine interaction with a child or regular responsibility for the care, custody or control of a child, who it is determined have pled guilty to or been convicted of any offense enumerated under R.C. 3319.39(B)(1), shall not be hired or shall be released from employment, as applicable, unless such individual meets the rehabilitation standards adopted by the Department of Education under division (E) of that section at the time of the hiring and/or upon discovery of such plea or conviction by the Board.

In the case of employees hired by the Board to operate a vehicle used for student transportation (i.e., bus/van drivers), a guilty plea or conviction of a crime to any offense listed in R.C. 3319.31(C) will serve as a bar to further employment with the Board and the rehabilitation standards will not apply.

R.C. 124.34, 3319.081, 3319.31, 3319.313, 4117.08(C), 3319.391, 3319.392
R.C. 3327.10
A.C. 3301-73-21, 3301-20-01

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