West Clermont Local School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education recognizes that it is essential for District and employee accountability for each staff member to be fully aware of the duties and responsibilities of his/her position. Job descriptions document and describe the essential functions for professional and classified staff positions and thereby promote organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore, the Superintendent shall maintain continuously a comprehensive, coordinated set of job descriptions for professional and classified staff positions.

All other job descriptions, other than the job descriptions for the Superintendent and Treasurer, shall be defined as guidelines of the Superintendent and will be originated and maintained in accordance with the provisions specified in the bylaws of the Board (See Bylaw 0131) and each shall contain the following provision:


"The employee shall remain free of any alcohol or nonprescribed controlled substance abuse in the workplace throughout his/her employment in the District."


Employees will be evaluated, at least in part, against their job descriptions.

Job descriptions shall be brief, factual, and, wherever possible, generically descriptive of similar jobs.

Each job description shall include the requirement that the staff member serve as a role model for students in how to conduct themselves as citizens and as responsible, intelligent human beings. In particular, each job description shall indicate the staff member's legal responsibility to help instill in students the belief in and practice of ethical principles and democratic values.

During the hiring process, the current job description for the position for which the individual(s) interviewing shall be reviewed with the candidate. The emphasis during the review shall be placed upon the essential functions of the position.

Upon employment by the Board, the staff member shall receive a copy of the current job description for the position for which s/he has been employed. The employee’s immediate supervisor shall review this job description with the staff member as part of the employment orientation process.

From time-to-time, the Board further recognizes that the Superintendent may find it necessary to revise job descriptions.

During the revision of a job description, the Superintendent may seek input from individuals who hold that position; however, their input may or may not be reflected when the revision of said job description is completed.

Following the revision of a job description, staff members who hold the positions for which the essential functions are described in that revised job description shall be provided access to the updated version and the opportunity to discuss the revisions therein with their immediate supervisor.

R.C. 3313.602

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