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The Board of Education recognizes alcoholism and drug abuse as treatable illnesses. Such illnesses may impair the performance of professional staff members. When appropriate, the Board may assist such employees in a manner recommended by appropriate specialists in the treatment of those illnesses.

A professional staff member having an illness or other problem relating to the use of alcohol or other drugs including, controlled substances, medications not prescribed by the employee’s physician, or medications not taken as prescribed, will receive the same careful consideration and offer of assistance that is presently extended to professional staff members having any other illness.

The responsibility to correct unsatisfactory job performance, attendance or behavioral problems resulting from a suspected health problem rests with the professional staff member. Additionally, regardless of whether a professional staff member has an illness or other problem relating to the use of alcohol or other drugs it remains the responsibility of the professional staff member to report to work and perform his/her duties in a fit and appropriate condition at all times. Being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs while on duty, on school property, or at a school related activity/event is not acceptable. Failure to correct unsatisfactory job performance, attendance or behavior and/or working or reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will result in appropriate corrective or disciplinary action as determined by the Board, up to and including termination.

If a professional staff member sustains a workplace injury while s/he is under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance not prescribed by his/her physician, s/he may be disqualified for compensation and benefits under the Workers Compensation Act. If the professional staff member tests positive or refuses to submit to a test for alcohol and/or other drugs after sustaining a workplace injury, the employee may dispute or prove untrue the presumption or belief that alcohol and/or other drugs are the proximate cause of the injury (i.e., rebuttable presumption). The Superintendent shall post a notice advising employees that the results of, or the employees refusal to submit to an alcohol or other drug test may affect an employee’s right to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

No professional staff member will have his/her job security or promotion opportunities jeopardized by his/her voluntary request for counseling or referral assistance.

Professional staff members who suspect they may have an alcohol or other drug abuse problem are encouraged to seek counseling and information on a confidential basis by contacting resources available for such service.

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