West Clermont Local School District
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Recording of IEP Team and 504 Meetings

In order to facilitate parents' ability to fully participate in the IEP and/or 504 process, parents of students with disabilities are ordinarily permitted to audio record IEP Team meetings and 504 Team meetings in accordance with the following procedures:



Parents wishing to audio record an IEP Team meeting or 504 Team meeting must utilize their own recording device and provide notice to the District prior to the date of the scheduled IEP Team or 504 Team meeting.



If parent(s) elects to audio record an IEP Team meeting, the District will also record the meeting.

Recording of Other District Meetings Involving Students and/or Parents (e.g., Parent-Teacher Conferences)

Video recording any District meeting is strictly prohibited.

Parents and students are expressly prohibited from using covert means to listen-in or make a recording (audio or video) of any meeting or activity at school. This includes placing recording devices, or other devices with one- or two-way audio communication technology (i.e., technology that allows a person off-site to listen to live conversations and sounds taking place in the location where the device is located), within a student's book bag or on the student's person without express written consent of the Superintendent. Any requests to place a recording device or other device with one- or two-way audio communication technology within a studentís book bag or on a studentís person shall be submitted, in writing, to the Director of Student Services. The District representative shall notify the parent(s), in writing, whether such request is denied or granted within five (5) days.

If the District audio records any meeting, the resulting recording shall become a part of the student's educational record and will be maintained in accordance with State and Federal law.

Revised 10/27/15
Revised 5/23/17

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