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The Board of Education recognizes the value to students and to the District for students to participate in programs offered by accredited colleges and universities in Ohio.

The Board will approve participation by students who apply to the participating college or university ("institute of higher education" or "IHE") and meet the IHEís established standards for admission and course placement to enroll in an approved postsecondary program during the seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade year while in attendance in the District. Students will be eligible to receive secondary credit for completing any of these programs.

The Board will provide information about the College Credit Plus Program prior to March 1st to all students enrolled in grades six through eleven and their parents as outlined in AG 2271. The Board will also promote the College Credit Plus program on its website, including the details of the Board's current agreements with partnering IHEs.

All students must meet the requirements for participating in the College Credit Plus program outlined in AG 2271.

The Board may deny high school credit for postsecondary courses any portion of which are taken during the period of a studentís expulsion. If the student has elected to receive credit for course(s) toward fulfilling graduation requirements as well as postsecondary credit, that election is automatically revoked for all college courses in which the student enrolled during the college term in which the expulsion is imposed.

When a student is expelled, the Board directs the Superintendent to send written notice of the expulsion to any college in which the expelled student is enrolled under R.C. 3365.03 (Postsecondary Enrollment Options) at the time the expulsion is imposed. This notice shall indicate the date the expulsion is scheduled to expire and that the Board has adopted a policy under R.C. 3313.613 to deny high school credit for postsecondary courses taken during an expulsion. If the expulsion period is later extended, the Superintendent shall notify the college of the extension.

The Board will collect, report, and track program data annually in accordance with data reporting guidelines adopted by the chancellor and the Superintendent of Public Instruction pursuant to R.C. 3365.15.

The Superintendent shall establish the necessary administrative guidelines to comply with State law which will thereafter be properly communicated to both students and their parents. The Superintendent shall also establish guidelines and procedures for the awarding of credit and the proper entry on a studentís transcript and other records of his/her participation in a postsecondary program.

R.C. 3313.613, 3365.01 through 3365.09

Revised 10/29/13
Revised 6/25/15

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