West Clermont Local School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility for the quality of the instructional program of the schools. To this end, the instructional program shall be aligned with the Ohio Academic Content Standards and evaluated on a continuing basis and in accordance with a plan for continuous improvement established by the Superintendent.

For purposes of this policy and consistent communication throughout the District, instructional program shall be defined as the plan for learning necessary to meet or exceed the Ohio Academic Content Standards.

The Board directs that the instructional program of this District provides instruction in courses required by statute and State Department of Education regulations.

As educational leader of the District, the Superintendent shall be responsible to the Board for the development and evaluation of instructional program.

The Superintendent shall make progress reports to the Board periodically.

The Superintendent may conduct such innovative programs as are deemed to be necessary to the continuing growth of the instructional program and to better ensure accomplishment of the District's educational goals.

The Superintendent shall report each such innovative program to the Board along with its objectives, evaluative criteria, and costs.

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