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The employment contract of an administrator may be suspended and/or terminated, upon a majority vote of the Board of Education, for good and just cause including disclosing a question to a student on a State-mandated assessment. In such cases, the Board shall abide by due process, statutory procedures, and any applicable terms of the administrator's employment contract.


An administrator may resign in accordance with law and any applicable terms of his/her employment contract. A resignation, once accepted by the Treasurer, Director of Human Resources, or the Superintendent, on behalf of the Board, may not then be rescinded.

Reporting Professional Misconduct

Consistent with Policy 8141 and State law, the Board and/or the Superintendent will file a report to the Ohio Department of Education, on forms provided by the Department for that purpose, matters of professional misconduct on the part of licensed professional administrators, including a conviction of the administrator of certain enumerated crimes and/or conduct which is determined to be unbecoming to the teaching profession. Reports of any investigation regarding whether or not a licensed professional administrator has committed an act or offense for which the Board is required to make a report to the Ohio Department of Education shall be kept in the personnel file of the administrator. Should the Ohio Department of Education determine that the results of that investigation do not warrant initiating an action suspending, revoking, or otherwise limiting that licensed professional staff administrator's license or permit, the report(s) of any investigation will be moved to a separate public file.

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A.C. 3301-73-21

Revised 4/22/13

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