West Clermont Local School District
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The Board of Education requires evaluation of the performance of the Treasurer in order to assist both the Board and the Treasurer in the proper discharge of their responsibilities and to enable the Board to provide the District with the best possible leadership. The Board, in establishing procedures for a formal performance evaluation of the Treasurer and conducting the evaluation in accordance with those procedures, shall consider the evaluation(s) in deciding whether to renew the Treasurer's employment contract. However, the establishment of the evaluation procedure does not create an expectation of continued employment. The Board is responsible for the final determination regarding the Treasurer's employment contract.

Criteria for the evaluation of the Treasurer shall be based upon the job description and shall relate directly to each of the tasks described therein. Each criterion shall be brief and shall focus on a major function of the position, be based on observable information rather than on factors requiring subjective judgment, and be written in the same format.

The Board shall annually evaluate the performance of the Treasurer.

The Board and the Treasurer, jointly, shall, at the outset of each evaluation, determine the method by which the evaluation shall be conducted.

As an outcome of the evaluation of the Treasurer's performance, the Board should be prepared to judge the advisability of retention of the Treasurer and be prepared to determine the Treasurerís salary, and identify strengths and weaknesses in his/her operation and determine means by which weaknesses can be reduced and strengths are maintained.

R.C. 3313.22

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