West Clermont Local School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education shall seek a person both capable and licensed to fill the position of Treasurer, whenever that position may be vacant. The Board shall appoint a Treasurer as chief fiscal officer and fix his/her salary and term of office which shall be not more than five (5) years.

All persons considered for the position of Treasurer shall provide evidence of their training and experience in the fields of government accounting, State and Federal laws related to school district budgeting and financing, financial report preparation, and budget and accounting management as required by statute and the standards of the State Board of Education.

The Board may, in recruiting a Treasurer, utilize the services of:



a committee of Board members;



a professional consultant;



the retiring Treasurer;



a committee of community lay persons.

To aid in the search, the Board may use:



a written job description for the position;



informative materials describing the School District;



a written specification of the salary and benefits;



the opportunity for each applicant to visit the District should s/he so desire.

Any candidate's intentional misstatement of fact material to his/her qualifications for employment or the determination of his/her salary shall be considered to constitute grounds for dismissal.

The person selected for the position of Treasurer shall be required to undergo a physical examination reasonably related to the duties s/he will be required to perform, the cost of which shall be borne by the District.

No person may be employed as Treasurer of this District unless s/he has signed an employment contract with the Board.

Such contract shall include:



the term for which employment is contracted, including beginning and ending dates;



the salary which the Treasurer shall be paid and the intervals at which s/he shall be paid;



the benefits to which s/he is entitled;



a specification of any powers and duties assigned by the Board to the Treasurer pursuant to R.C. 3319.031;



such other matters as may be necessary to a full and complete understanding of the employment contract.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the District.

The Treasurer shall report to and is subject to the direction of the Board.

The Treasurer shall direct and assign employees directly engaged in the day-to-day fiscal operations of the District, as those employees are so designated by the Board.

Before entering upon the duties of the office, the Treasurer of the Board shall execute a bond, in an amount and with surety to be approved by the Board, payable to the State, and conditioned for the faithful performance of all official duties required of the Treasurer. Such bond shall be deposited with the President of the Board, and a copy thereof, certified by the Treasurer, shall be filed with the County Auditor.

Prior to employment, the candidate selected must also pass a background check performed by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

R.C. 2909.34, 3301.074, 3313.22, 3313.24, 3313.25, 3319.031
A.C. 3301-5-01

Revised 10/29/13

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