West Clermont Local School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Superintendent of Schools shall strive to achieve District goals for students by providing educational direction and supervision to the professional staff and classified staff and by acting as a proper model for staff and students both in the school and outside the District.

The Superintendent shall be directly responsible to the Board of Education for the performance of the following duties and responsibilities:

 A.keep the Board informed with respect to matters affecting school operations and provide the Board with information, guidance, and support necessary to formulate policy

 B.provide that all aspects of District operation comply with State and Federal laws and regulations as well as Board contracts and policies

 C.provide leadership for the development, implementation, and assessment of the Strategic Plan vision, mission, and initiatives

 D.establish and implement a written educational plan for the schools of the District consistent with the educational goals adopted by the Board

 E.provide for the recruitment, selection, and development of District staff in the attainment of the District's goals

 F.recommend changes in staffing and instructional program based on analysis of staff and student performance assessment data

 G.recommend innovations and strategies to continually improve the educational and operational practices of the District

 H.promote the efficient and effective use of District resources in the daily operations of the schools

 I.work constructively with the Board, leadership team, and District staff in pursuit of established educational and operational goals and objectives

 J.communicate regularly with parents, citizens, and community groups; secure their input, involvement, and support for school programs and initiatives

 K.maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, professional practice, administrative effectiveness, and financial responsibility of the District

 L.perform such other duties as the Board may direct

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