West Clermont Local School District
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board delegates to the Superintendent the authority to determine whether administrative guidelines will be needed to implement each of the policies adopted by the Board. These administrative guidelines shall be consistent with the adopted policies, and shall describe the manner in which those policies are to be implemented.

Upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, the Board should adopt an administrative guideline when required to do so by law, or when, in the judgment of the Superintendent, adoption by the Board is advisable.

The Superintendent may also issue administrative and student handbooks as may be necessary for the effective administration of the schools and distribute them to employees and students and/or their parents.

As long as the provisions of these administrative guidelines and handbooks are consistent with Board policies, or with Federal/State law, they will be considered to be an extension of the policy manual and binding upon all employees and students.

The administrative guidelines shall be available electronically on the District's web site, and print copies shall be maintained in the Office of the Superintendent and the Office of the Treasurer.

R.C. 3313.20, 3313.47