West Clermont Local School District
Table of Contents

6111f1Pre-Submission Review of a Grant Proposal
6111f2Project Abstract
6111f3Evaluation Plan
6111f5Itemized Budget Worksheet
6144f1Investment Policy Certification
6152.01f1Waiver of School Fees for Instructional Materials
6320hf1Mileage Reimbursement Form
6423f1Credit Card Expenditures
6424f1Purchasing Cardholder Use Agreement
6510f1Payroll Authorization
6510f2Pay Voucher for Supplemental Employees
6510f3Pay Voucher for Classified Staff Substitutes
6510f4Pay Voucher for Professional Staff Substitutes
6510f5Tutor/Home Instruction Payroll Authorization
6520f1Requests for Payroll Deductions
6610f1Student Activity Budget
6611f1Record of Ticket/Cash Accountability
6611f2Ticket Inventory Record
6620f1Petty Cash Report