West Clermont Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


Salary continuation occurs when the Board of Education continues an employee's regular (full) salary/wages at the onset of a work-related injury.

The Treasurer is directed to oversee and implement the Board's salary continuation policy and program. The Treasurer is responsible for verifying that the following actions take place:

 A.An injured employee accepting salary continuation receives a full check at the next scheduled time after the injury or illness occurs. The payment of salary continuation shall not be contingent upon or wait for an Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) or Industrial Commission of Ohio determination to be made. Failure to issue a full check shall cause the Board to forfeit salary continuation rights on the claim and temporary total will begin (i.e., the BWC will set a reserve on the claim).

 B.Within seven (7) days of the filing of a claim, the Treasurer shall advise the BWC whether the Board will pay salary continuation. The Treasurer will further submit to the BWC the relevant salary history and the amount of the employee's salary continuation payment.

 C.The Treasurer shall notify the BWC when the payment of salary continuation is discontinued and/or when the injured employee returns to work. The Treasurer shall report the return to work within seventy-two (72) hours.

The District acknowledges that if an injured employee is employed by more than one (1) employer, the Board, as the incident employer, may pay the salary/wages from the other job(s); but is not required to do so. If however, the Board chooses not to pay the salary/wages for the other job(s), the Board recognizes that the BWC will pay the difference and a corresponding reserve will be established against the Board.

Additionally, if the injured employee continues employment with the Board, yet has restrictions regarding his/her physical capacity and agrees to work in a different position, the Board has the option to continue salary continuation at the regular (full) salary/wages of the original position of employment.

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