West Clermont Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


The following guidelines govern staff member's personal use of Board of Education-owned technology either at school or while at home for school purposes. These guidelines also govern students' personal use of Board-owned technology while at home. Except as authorized herein, no personal, that is, non-school, use of Board technology may be made by any student at any time.

 A.Form 7540.01 F1 - Permission to Use/Install Software is to be submitted to the Technology Network Coordinator (TNC) before any personal software is used and/or installed on Board-owned computers. In addition, the staff member must provide either the licensing agreement from the manufacturer or a proof of purchase. The staff member must also confirm to the TNC that s/he reviewed and analyzed the content of the software using the criteria established in Form 2520 F1 Rating Nondistrict Instructional Materials and rated it no higher than "2" on any of the four (4) criteria. The staff member should retain a copy of the form. It is essential that Form 7540.03 F1 and Form 7540.04 F1 address the issue of the proprietary rights related to the design of any websites and/or pages hosted on the Board's servers or that are created/developed during work as a part of an employee's job responsibilities (staff) or as a class assignment (student).

 B.A staff member or a student may start a project using Board-owned software or personal software and produce a copy of the project or document. Ordinarily, the Board will not provide Board-owned software for use on personal computers. When the project is completed, the staff member or student should notify the TNC to find out whether or not the Board wants to keep a copy for reference or for use by others. No staff member or student should expect to retain any proprietary rights related to the design or content of any websites or pages hosted on the Board's servers or that are created during work as a part of an employee's job responsibilities (staff) or as a class assignment (student).

 C.Prior to making a copy of any Board-owned software, a staff member or student should contact the TNC to find out whether or not there is any licensing agreement associated with that software, and if so, whether the license allows the staff member or student to load the material on his/her personal computer. If reproduction is allowed, the staff member or student is to complete a check-out form (see Form 7540.01 F2) in which s/he agrees to make only one copy and only for personal use and not for use by others. If the license does not allow this, then no copy is to be made.

 D.No staff member or student is allowed to access the Internet or other District networks without first signing the Student or Staff Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Agreement, Form 7540.03 F1 or Form 7540.04 F1. All student use of the Internet must be under the supervision of a staff member or approved volunteer.

 E.Neither staff members nor students are to use the Internet for recreational, personal, discriminatory, or unlawful purposes but only for purposes related to the Board's educational mission and goals, program or operational needs.

 F.Each staff member and student will be issued a password for use with Board-owned technology, provided the individual agrees not to share the password with others. The existence of a password does not guarantee confidentiality or privacy and the Board retains the right to use any person's password to monitor the type of use that is being made of Board-owned technology.

 G.With regard to personal e-mail, staff members may use it to send and/or receive personal messages provided such use is limited to non-duty time and does not involve the conduct of any personal, discriminatory, or unlawful business (including commercial purposes, advertising, and political lobbying).

 H.Students are not allowed to send or receive personal e-mail messages on Board-owned computers.

 I.Use of all other Board-owned technology shall be in accord with AG 7530A - Personal Use of District Equipment and Facilities.

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