West Clermont Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


The District's program of hygienic management is intended to safeguard the health and safety of building occupants. These guidelines shall establish a consistent application of inspection, abatement, and reporting standards and procedures.

The scope of these guidelines shall include regularly-scheduled inspections of school buildings, facilities, and associated grounds to identify/correct potential hazardous conditions. The inspection shall include a review of documentation of the school's health and safety procedures, documentation of abatement plans, and the report of implementation efforts.

The school principal shall cooperate with the Board of Health in the conduct of school inspections by providing:

 A.access to the school building and grounds for the inspection during the school's operation during regular school hours;

 B.a record of inspections of the school and grounds for dangerous and recalled products that have been identified by the Board of Health;

 C.records and pertinent information as may be requested by the Board of Health which are necessary to the assessment of the health and safety conditions of the school.

A school representative shall be assigned to accompany the Board of Health sanitarian during the course of the inspection.

The principal shall provide for the inspection of the school building and grounds, on at least a quarterly basis, for dangerous products and conditions as prescribed by the Board of Health. Appropriate action shall be taken to abate dangerous products or conditions found to exist. The principal shall document compliance with this guideline and shall report inspection results and all actions necessary with the Superintendent, for verification by the inspector from the Board of Health. The District shall coordinate all communications and transmittals with the Board of Health.

The principal shall be responsible for the completion of the quarterly inspections and documentation required. Items identified as dangerous conditions and/or products found on school grounds or within the school building shall be abated or controlled promptly within a period not to exceed thirty (30) days of the identification. If abatement is not immediately possible, the hazard shall be sufficiently controlled to reduce the risk of illness or injury.

Transmittals that have been received or completed since the last inspection shall be provided to the Board of Health sanitarian at the time of each inspection. For the purpose of receiving copies of the inspection report, the principal shall provide the Board of Health sanitarian the contact names and addresses for the following:

 A.the school principal, chief administrator, or governing authority of the school building;

 B.the administrator responsible for facility operations and maintenance on behalf of the School District;

 C.the District Superintendent and Board of Education.

For each inspection report submitted by the Board of Health, the principal shall develop and submit a written plan for abatement of conditions identified by the inspection report. The plan of abatement shall be submitted to the Board of Health within sixty (60) days of receipt of the inspection report, or as may be extended by the Board of Health. The principal shall provide written notification to the Board of Health when the prescribed abatement has been completed.

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