West Clermont Local School District
Administrative Guidelines

6320C1 - BIDDING

The following procedures will be followed:






The Treasurer is responsible for preparing bid documents and advertising for solicitation of bids.



The technical specifications for the purchase of special equipment, materials and/or services shall be prepared by the person or department requesting the purchase and submitted to the Treasurer. Specifications must be complete and accurate so that goods received conform to standards desired.



All bids of $25,000 or more must be publicly advertised and shall carry the name and title of the secretary of the Board.



The advertisement for bids will generally be placed in local newspapers in accordance with statute. Advertisements for bids should also be placed in other appropriate publications when bidding construction projects and specialized equipment. For bonds or other borrowings, State laws relating to publication shall govern public advertisements.



Each bid shall be accompanied by either a bond for the full amount of the bid or a cashier's check or letter of credit equal to ten percent (10%) of the total bid and a statement indicating the vendor has no outstanding personal property tax obligations.



Bid Opening



All bids whether invitational or publicly advertised shall be opened publicly at a specified time and place.



Generally, bids shall be opened and read at the District office. Bid openings shall be attended by at least two (2) individuals who are District employees.



The Treasurer, along with the person directly involved in the purchase, shall evaluate the bids and recommend purchases, unless otherwise determined by the Superintendent and/or the Board and/or prohibited by law.



Bid Awards


All bids $25,000 or greater shall be awarded by the Board.


A completed DMA form with no positive indications that material assistance has been provided to a terrorist organization is required of each private person or entity with whom the Board intends to enter into a contract that amounts to an aggregate of greater than $100,000 annually.



Cooperative Bids


Participation in cooperative purchasing/bidding arrangements with other schools, governmental units are permitted providing they satisfy the District's bidding requirements.



State Contract Purchases


Participation in State of Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS) purchase contracts is permitted when specifically authorized by resolution of the Board. A certified copy of the resolution requesting authorization to participate and agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions as prescribed by DAS shall be filed, in advance of the purchase, with DAS. The District shall provide for direct payment to the vendor under each purchase contract. The District shall pay to DAS, if charged, a reasonable fee to cover DAS's administrative costs incurred as a result of the District's participation in a purchase contract. The Treasurer shall prepare and file any reports required by DAS concerning the number of State Contracts in which the District participated and other information required by DAS.


Purchases made through participation in such State Contracts are exempt from other competitive selection procedures. When bids have been received by the District for a particular purchase, State Contract participation is prohibited unless the purchase can be made upon the same terms, conditions, and specifications at a lower price.

R.C. 125.04, 2909.33

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