West Clermont Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


The Motor Vehicle Code and the following guidelines apply to anyone who drives a vehicle onto District property.

 A.Vehicles are to be operated on designated roadways and parking lots only. Drivers are prohibited from driving or parking on any natural areas of District property.

 B.The speed limit on District property is 10 mph.

 C.In the event a vehicle is found to be parked or used improperly, the District may take one or more of the following actions:

  1.Prohibit the person from driving on District property.

  2.Contact the police to have the vehicle towed from the premises at the operator's expense.

  3.Invoke disciplinary procedures as described in a Parent/Student Handbook, staff handbook, or negotiated agreement.

  4.Seek the assistance of law enforcement.

 D.If a vehicle is towed from the premises, the towing company shall inform the local law enforcement agency of the location of the vehicle.

 E.The District shall not be responsible for any vehicle or items in a vehicle that are lost, stolen, or damaged as a result of being on District property.

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