West Clermont Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


A detailed description of the rights and responsibilities concerning student use of motor vehicles is to be contained in the high school student handbook. (See AG 5110).

Students are allowed to drive to and from school under the following conditions:

 A.Students under age eighteen (18) are to have a note from their parents granting permission to drive to school.

 B.Students shall complete the Student Vehicle Form 5515 F1 and provide the principal with a copy of the following documents:

  1.driver's license;

  2.insurance certificate;


 C.Driving to school, if approved, is a privilege. If abused in any way, it may be revoked at any time.

 D.When transportation is available through the District, students shall not drive to school-sponsored activities unless the student’s parent(s) provides written authorization for the student to drive and release from liability using Form 5515 F2 – Parental Authorization and Release From Liability Form – which is approved by the principal.

 E.Student obeys the parking lot speed limit of 10 mph.

 F.All vehicles entering school property are subject to search and inspection.

 G.If a student's permit is suspended, no fees will be refunded. Failure to comply with these administrative guidelines will result in loss of privileges and/or disciplinary actions for the student.

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