West Clermont Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


Board Policy 5330 and Policy 5336 the procedures on the administration of medication in AG 5330 must be observed at all times.



School personnel should administer only kits, prescribed by a licensed health professional authorized to prescribe drugs, or equivalent.



Schools are to be notified, in writing, of a student who may need emergency medication by his/her parents or prescriber. In all cases, this information should be conveyed to the School Health Aide or District Nurse who will be responsible for seeing that selected staff members receive appropriate instruction in the administration of such medication.



In addition, a notation should be made on the student's emergency medical authorization Form 5341 F1 for use on field trips. The medication should be available to the trip leader who should be trained in its proper application.



The transportation department should also be notified so that the appropriate bus driver can be made aware of the student who may need emergency medication. Bus drivers transporting such students should have the medication available and be trained in its proper application.



The student's parent will be responsible for providing the medication and is to be informed that the school may call emergency medical services when his/her child receives the medication.



If a serious situation does occur requiring the administration of emergency medication, the principal is to contact 911 Emergency Services and request that a mobile unit be dispatched to the school to deal with complications that may arise. The parents should be contacted after the call to emergency services.



Parents are responsible for providing the school with the proper medication with an adequate expiration date at the beginning of each school year.



Medication procedures should be reviewed with appropriate staff at the beginning of school each year.

Revised 2/10/15

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