West Clermont Local School District
Administrative Guidelines



A student under the age of eighteen (18) shall not be permitted to withdraw from school unless one (1) of the following applies:

 A.S/He is moving out of state.

 B.S/He is transferring to another approved school.

 C.S/He has been granted an Age and Schooling Certificate, that is, a work permit.

 D.S/He has properly enrolled in and is attending an approved program.

In compliance with Board policy, whenever a student withdraws from school a report is to be submitted to the Superintendent by the principal documenting:

 A.date and school;

 B.reasons for withdrawal;

 C.alternatives recommended to the student;

 D.verification of last address and anticipated address;

 E.follow-up actions, if any, by District staff.

If a student has withdrawn for a reason other than those listed above, the Superintendent will then notify the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Judge of the Juvenile Court, as required by law.

Transfer Out of the District

Upon notification by the parent that a student is transferring out of the District, the school shall use a procedure that ensures the items on the appropriate Check-Out Form 5130 F1, Form 5130 F2, or Form 5130 F3 are properly completed.

 A.A parent signs the necessary release forms and a copy is placed in the student's cumulative record.

 B.The student's name is taken off the class list, and a memo is sent to appropriate personnel notifying them of the transfer.

 C.The student's cumulative record is completed by teachers and counselors and sent to the principal.

 D.The principal arranges for the proper delivery of the student's records to the receiving school as specified in AG 8330.

 E.If, after two (2) weeks, no receiving school has requested the student's records the Director of Human Resources shall notify the appropriate law enforcement agency.

 F.In the case of a special education student, the Director of Special Education shall also be notified of the transfer, date of transfer, and the receiving school or agency.

 G.If the student transfers when school is not in session, the building principal shall complete the process as soon as possible.

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