West Clermont Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


The District shall use the guidelines established by the United States Department of State in selecting and enrolling all foreign-exchange students. The District shall participate exclusively with sponsoring organizations that are recognized and approved by the United States Department of State.

This guideline only applies in such instances wherein a student is entering the United States to attend public school by way of an organization recognized and approved by the United States Department of State as an exchange visitor program sponsor. It is not intended to apply to other foreign students residing in the District who must be enrolled in accordance with State law. Nonresident foreign-exchange students shall be eligible for admission on the same basis as other nonresident students.

 A.Sponsoring Organizations
  The District will participate with sponsoring organizations designated by the United States Department of State as an exchange visitor program. (Note: Designators by the United States Department of State are effective for a period of five (5) years and may, at the discretion of the United States Department of State, be designated for a period of less than five (5) years.)

  1.Foreign-exchange students must be associated with a recognized and approved sponsoring organization.

  2.The sponsoring organization must document designation by the United States Department of State.

  3.The sponsoring organization shall also:

   a.comply with the Federal Exchange Visitor Regulations and all other applicable local, State, Federal and professional requirements;

   b.appoint adequate staff and support services with appropriate qualifications and training to administer the foreign-exchange program;

   c.ensure that the student is sufficiently proficient in the English language in order to participate in the program;

   d.monitor the student while s/he is participating in the program.


  1.The sponsoring organization shall be responsible for the selection of students.

  2.Requests must be received by the District no later than August 1st.

  3.The sponsoring organization shall be responsible for the selection of the host family(s) and shall document, prior to enrollment, that a host family has been established.

  4.Agreements between the sponsoring organization, the student's parents, and the student must clearly delineate the sponsoring organization's rules as well as the costs and refund policies and must be submitted at the time of enrollment. The District shall provide copies of the Student Handbook and relevant Board policies (e.g., attendance, Student Code of Conduct, etc) which shall be a part of such agreements.

  5.The principal shall send written acceptance of the student to the sponsoring organization and the student by the date agreed upon by the sponsor and the District.

 C.Enrollment and Other Conditions
  The sponsor shall provide evidence of proper immunization (see AG 5320) and medical insurance coverage for the student. The sponsor shall verify that the student has medical insurance coverage in effect during the period of time they are in the foreign-exchange program.
  The principal shall designate a member of the faculty or school administration as the student's advisor during his/her stay at the school. The advisor shall serve as the liaison between the school and host family, school and sponsor, student and student body, and the school and community.

 D.Additional Requirements
  Sponsors shall notify the Board, promptly and in writing of any of the following circumstances:

  1.change of its address, telephone and/or facsimile number

  2.the imposition of sanctions by the United States Department of State, including but not limited to a revocation or suspension of the program, reprimand, probation, corrective action plan, and limitations on the authorized number of exchange visitors, even if under appeal

  3.litigation related to the sponsor's exchange visitor program

  4.denial or redesignation or termination of its exchange visitor program

  5.change of host family placement of an exchange visitor

  6.the denial of a visa for an exchange visitor

  7.the withdrawal or termination from the program of an exchange visitor.

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