West Clermont Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


Projected enrollment of home-school students are to be determined by the Superintendent no later than May 1st.

The principal shall be responsible for informing parents of the availabilities for intra-district open enrollment by no later than August 1st.

Application for Admission

 A.The number of openings in a particular program for nonhome-school students will be determined by optimum size for a particular program, classroom/school building, or grade level which is the number of students that can be accommodated without increasing District expenditures for staff or equipment.

 B.Applications for admission from nonhome-school students are to be submitted to the Central Enrollment Office. A student shall submit an application only if s/he wishes to attend an alternate school in the District.

 C.Applications from nonhome-school students will not be considered until May 1st.

 D.When the parents of a nonhome-school student requests an application, s/he is to be informed of the prerequisites for each program or course of study in which enrollment is sought. Home-school students shall be given priority over nonhome-school students. No nonhome-school student will be enrolled in a program or course of study who has not met the prerequisites established for home-school students.

 E.The final date for considering applications for nonhome-school students is one week prior to the start of school. Nonhome-school students' applications, prior to enrollment, shall be revoked in reverse order of acceptance (last in-first out) if enrollment, at any time, of a new home-school student brings the enrollment of District students to optimum size.

 F.Other enrollment factors being equal, nonhome-school students will be accepted on the basis of the date of receipt of the application. Revocations of application of nonhome-school students' home schools will be in reverse order of date received (last in-first-out).

 G.The District shall not discriminate against any disabled, nonhome-school student (IDEA or 504). If a nonhome-school student becomes disabled under Section 504 or the staff finds out that a nonhome-school student is in need of special education, appropriate services are to be provided, but not necessarily in the school of attendance. If reasonable accommodation cannot be made in the school of attendance, the parents must agree, prior to enrollment, that the student will attend the District school at which the needed services are currently available or reasonable accommodation can be provided.

 H.Enrollment in a program or school shall be subject to an agreement that transportation of the nonhome-school student is provided for by the student or his/her parents to the school of attendance. Exceptions to this requirement may need to be made for disabled students.

 I.Applications from nonhome-school students may be rejected if the racial balance of his/her home school or the program, classroom, or school would be negatively impacted, as defined in Policy 5113.01.

 J.Applications may also be rejected if the student has been suspended or expelled for ten (10) consecutive days or more during the semester of application or the preceding semester.

 K.The parents of the nonhome-school student as well as the principal of his/her home school will be notified electronically (InfoSnap), of their acceptance by the Superintendentís Office.

Revised 4/13/17

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