West Clermont Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


The District has established the following guidelines for the use of school-owned vehicles in the performance of assigned duties.

 A.Regularly scheduled use will be authorized by the Superintendent.

 B.School personnel who are required to be on-call in case of after hour emergencies may be assigned a District vehicle for daily use. Such use will be authorized by the Superintendent.
  Only school personnel will be authorized to operate the vehicle.
  The vehicle is to be used only for school business.
  The vehicle is to be returned to District property during the staff member's vacation period and also during any leave lasting more than three (3) days.

 C.Requirement for Continuation of School Vehicle Use:

  1.No unauthorized personnel are allowed in these vehicles at any time without the approval of the Superintendent.

  2.No repair work will be performed on the vehicle without the Superintendent approval.

  3.All accidents and related injuries will be reported in writing immediately (no matter how minor) to the Superintendent. Drivers shall report to Superintendent any parking or traffic ticket incurred while operating a school vehicle, along with proof of payment.

  4.All accidents must be reported to the law enforcement agency where the accident takes place at the time of the accident.

  5.The designated operator is responsible for cleanliness of the vehicle both inside and outside.

  6.Before any out-of-district trips are made with the vehicle, the authorized driver shall check the vehicle for any maintenance problems.

  7.Employees shall notify Superintendent of traffic violations such as DUI, or reckless operation. The Board may annually check the employee’s driving record. License suspensions or revocations shall be reported to Superintendent immediately.

  8.Drivers and passengers must wear seatbelts in accordance with Ohio law. Drivers shall obey all State and local traffic laws.

  9.Transporting cargo unrelated to the performance of school business is prohibited.

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