West Clermont Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


Relocation of classified staff may become necessary to meet load conditions, building or program requirements, or for other good reasons. However, relocation shall not be made capriciously, vindictively, or arbitrarily. Transfers between buildings require the approval of the Superintendent.

 A.Involuntary Transfers
  A transfer may be made for such reasons as the following:

  1.factors in the present location

  2.schools being opened or closed

  3.for the good of the District

  4.financial reasons

 B.Voluntary Transfers
  The following guidelines shall be followed in requesting a transfer:

  1.A written request may be made to the Assistant Superintendent at any time during the year for transfer to either a specified or an unspecified location.

  2.The principal and/or the immediate supervisor of the employee must be made aware of the request for transfer.

  3.The filing of a request for transfer shall be without prejudice to the employee, and shall not jeopardize his/her present assignment. The request may be withdrawn at any time prior to the official confirmation that the transfer has been effected.

  4.Voluntary transfers shall be made effective at a time in the best interest of the District.