West Clermont Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


The Board of Education must approve those candidates for employment recommended by the Superintendent.

The screening procedure shall be as follows:

 A.All applications for substitute positions shall be made through the Office of the Assistant Superintendent.

 B.Each applicant should show evidence of good health, good character, knowledge, ability, and skills to carry on the work in the area in which substitute employment is sought.

 C.Each applicant should demonstrate sufficient maturity to deal with students and other employees.

 D.The employment of substitute staff members prior to approval by the Board is authorized only when their employment is required to maintain continuity of services in the District. Retroactive employment shall be recommended to the Board at the next meeting.

 E.Screening tests may be used to determine the candidate's ability to perform the tasks for which s/he is being considered.

 F.Recommendations from former employers and others may be requested. Such records shall be retained confidentially and for official use only.

Applicants under final consideration of employment must complete the DMA form with no positive indications that material assistance has been provided to a terrorist organization before working in the District.

Substitutes must pass a background check performed by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation.

R.C. 2909.34, 3319.39

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