West Clermont Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


All professional staff members shall be given written notice of their tentative building and applicable class, subject, and room assignments for the forthcoming school year as specified in the negotiated, collectively-bargained agreement; provided however, that if the Superintendent is delayed in the completion of such assignments by reason of emergencies, (such as questionable completion of new school construction, computer failure, abnormal professional staff member turnover or unavailability of professional staff member personnel in critical positions) the Superintendent shall provide such schedules as soon as practicable.

Transfers between schools may be enacted by the Superintendent and within a school by the principal when the needs of students, the school, or the District so require. Such actions shall be in accord with the terms of the appropriate negotiated agreement.



Involuntary Transfer


Prior to effecting an involuntary transfer of a teacher, counselor, or other nonadministrator to another school, the "receiving principal" shall be consulted regarding the contemplated move.


In the case of a nontenured professional staff member, a joint conference of "receiving principal", "sending principal", and transferred professional staff member shall be held in the interest of assuring continuity of the evaluation process.



Voluntary Transfer and Reassignment



Any professional staff member who desires a change in grade, subject assignment, or program, or who desires a transfer to another school for the following school year shall discuss the matter with his/her supervisor and thereafter shall file a written statement of such desire with the Assistant Superintendent as early in the school year as possible.


Such statement shall include the assignment desired, the reason for the transfer, and the potential benefits to be obtained. The request will be forwarded to the Superintendent along with the supervisor's recommendation. S/He shall notify the staff member and other appropriate parties of his/her decision as soon as possible. Requests for transfer or assignment within a building shall follow the same guidelines but may be acted upon by the principal, subject to review by the Superintendent.