West Clermont Local School District
Administrative Guidelines




Students with disabilities as defined under Federal and State law are to be included in general State and District-wide assessment programs with appropriate accommodations and modifications in the administration of such assessments, if necessary. Alternate assessments shall be conducted for any student with disabilities who does not take one or more assessments. (see Form 2623C F1) To the extent possible, a student's individualized education program (IEP) shall not excuse the student from taking a test unless no reasonable accommodation can be made to enable the student to take the test.


The determination of participation in each assessment by each student with a disability shall be made annually by the appropriate IEP or 504 Team. The IEP or 504 Accommodation Plan shall include a statement of any individual modifications in the administration of general State or District-wide assessments of student achievement that are needed in order for the child to participate in the assessment.


If the IEP or 504 team determines that the child will not participate in a particular State or District-wide assessment of student achievement, or part of such an assessment, they shall include on the IEP or 504 Accommodation Plan, a statement of:



why the assessment is not appropriate for the child; and



how the child will be assessed.


These requirements do not apply to any students with disabilities who are convicted as adults and in adult prisons.


Consistent with State and Federal laws and regulations, parents will be involved in the decision to exempt students with disabilities.


Documentation of a decision to excuse or not to excuse a student with a disability will be kept in the student's confidential file.


Accommodation in assessment format and/or assessment administration may be made in accordance with guidelines provided in accordance with A.C. 3301-13-03 accommodate the needs of individual students with disabilities.


No accommodation shall be made in the content or structure of any assessment.



Assessment results for students with disabilities will be included in District and/or building annual reports to the extent required by State and/or Federal laws and regulations.

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