West Clermont Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


If a concussion is suspected by a physical education teacher or coach, the student will be removed from the class, practice, or game. The student will not be permitted to return to full participation until s/he is evaluated by a healthcare professional experienced in concussion management and receives written clearance for full participation from that professional. Limited physical activity in the physical education context may eventually be permitted, depending on the recommendation of the healthcare professional.

Parents or guardians shall be notified about the possible concussion and given information on concussions and the need for medical attention.

Prior to the beginning of each season and pre-season training, coaches shall notify parents, guardians, and student athletes of the fact that written clearance for full participation will be required from a healthcare professional when a concussion is suspected or diagnosed.

Coaches and physical education staff will be trained in concussion recognition and response. Specifically, training will include information on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion, how to obtain proper medical treatment in cases of suspected concussions, and return-to-play standards.

Students who inform coaches and physical education teachers that they are being treated by a healthcare professional for a physical injury must provide written clearance from that healthcare professional for full or limited participation in class, practice, or competition.

Approved 10/30/13

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