West Clermont Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


The Assistant Superintendent shall develop a list of Educational Options, including the District's Credit Flexibility Plan, and submit it to the Superintendent for approval each year so that it can be included in the parent/student handbook, included in the course selection guide, and posted on the web page

Any student who would like to earn credit from one of the approved options shall complete the Educational Option Application and submit it to the Assistant Superintendent by August 1 for an educational option to be pursued beginning in the first semester, and by December 1st for an educational option to be pursued beginning in the second semester.

The application shall describe the option to be pursued, list the requirements for successful completion, identify the individual who will be evaluating the student's completed work, and specify the deadline by which the work must be submitted. The Assistant Superintendent shall approve or disapprove an application to earn credit from an approved educational option.

Upon successful completion of the educational option, the guidance counselor shall record the credit earned on the student's transcript.

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