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The School Board recognizes that depression and self-destruction are problems of increasing severity among children and adolescents. A student who experiences depression cannot benefit fully from the educational program of the School Corporation, and a student who has attempted self-destruction poses a danger both to himself/herself and to other students. This Board policy is intended to increase child suicide awareness and prevention.

All Corporation personnel should be alert to the student who exhibits signs of extreme depression or who threatens or attempts suicide. Any such signs or the report of such signs from another student or staff member should be taken with the utmost seriousness and may warrant follow-up based on implementation of the intervention procedure described below.

The Superintendent shall make available to families in the Corporation information concerning suicide prevention services in the community. The Superintendent shall encourage cooperation among the Corporation and suicide prevention services in the community.

The Superintendent shall develop and implement administrative guidelines whereby members of the professional staff understand how to use an intervention procedure which includes the following:


Step 1 - Stabilization


Step 2 - Assess the Risk


Step 3 - Take Appropriate Action Based on the Risk


Step 4 - Communicate with Appropriate Parties


Step 5 - Follow-up

Take Appropriate Action Based on the Risk in Step 3 shall include providing referral information about appropriate crisis intervention services or facilities to children, parents and Corporation staff.

Follow-up in Step 5 and the suicide post-intervention process shall include the development of a plan to assist survivors of attempted suicide and to assist children and Corporation staff in coping with an attempted suicide or death of a student or Corporation employee. The plan may include counseling services for the child and the child’s family related to suicide prevention.

The Corporation shall offer to children, parents and staff in the Corporation training on warning signs and tendencies that may evidence that a child is considering suicide, including increasing awareness of the relationship between suicide and drug and alcohol use.

Beginning after June 30, 2018, the Superintendent shall confirm that all Corporation teachers who are employed at schools that provide instruction to students in any combination of grades 5-12 to attend or participate in at least two (2) hours of research-based in-service youth suicide awareness and prevention training program every three (3) school years. The training required under this policy must be held during the teacher's or Corporation employee's contracted day or at a time chosen by the teacher or employee. For purposes of this policy, "teacher" includes the following:

 A.a superintendent who holds a license under I.C. 20-28-5;

 B.a principal;

 C.a teacher;

 D.a librarian;

 E.a school counselor;

 F.a school psychologist;

 G.a school nurse;

 H.a school social worker.

The format of this training may include an in-person presentation, an electronic or technology-based medium, including self-review modules available on an online system, an individual program of study of designated materials, or any other method approved by the Board that is consistent with current professional development standards. The in-service training required under this section shall count toward the requirements for professional development required by the Board. The research-based youth suicide awareness and prevention training program required under this policy must be demonstrated to be effective or a promising program and recommended by the Indiana Suicide Prevention Network Advisory Council.

The Corporation may leverage any:

 A.existing or new State and Federal grant funds; or

 B.free or reduced cost evidence-based youth suicide awareness and prevention training provided by any State agency or qualified Statewide or local organization to cover the costs of the training required under this Policy.

The Superintendent shall develop any other program or activity that is appropriate to increase child suicide awareness and prevention.

Throughout any intervention, it is essential that Board policies and Corporation guidelines regarding confidentiality be observed at all times.

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Revised 4/19/18
Revised 1/17/19

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