Warren City School District
Administrative Guidelines


District personnel authorized to operate the mainframe computer and related terminals shall be assigned a user code/password by the supervisor. Each user's code/password shall be changed periodically by the supervisor for security reasons.

The following guidelines for use of the computers shall apply.

 A.No authorized staff member is to use a user code/password other than the one assigned nor is s/he to allow anyone else to use his/her code/password without permission.

 B.No person-employee, student, or visitor is to use any computer and/or related equipment without proper authorization.

 C.No one is to use any computer for personal use without specific permission of the supervisor.

 D.In order to become authorized to use the District's mainframe computer, a person must be:

  1.an employee of the District with an assigned user code/password;

  2.a maintenance person from the computer manufacturer providing the District with a maintenance contract;

  3.an Education Management Information System (EMS) user under the direct supervision of an authorized District person.

 E.Those authorized to use the mainframe computer shall not:

  1.trespass into files and/or work areas which are identified by highlighted authorization warnings on CRTs;

  2.disclose any information from the computer files that is not required in performance of job responsibilities or allowed by the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) or applicable State laws.


Where investigation confirms any or all of such allegations stated in the above, prompt corrective actions shall be taken, including, in the case of District employees and/or students, dismissal.