Vermilion Local School District
Bylaws & Policies


The school facilities represent a major investment by the residents of the District; since there are many evenings and days the school facilities are idle, it is the desire of the Board of Education to extend the privilege of using the facilities to responsible school and non-school organizations.

The Board welcomes local organizations desiring to use the public school facilities for programs and entertainment in so far as the activity does not interfere with the regular school activities or school related activities. (School activities shall take priority over any and all other uses regardless of when the facility was requested or scheduled.)

The use of the gymnasiums in the Vermilion Local Schools by local groups is permitted free of charge, if the following criteria is met:

 A.if used during hours when custodians are normally working and activity is finished one (1) hour before custodians quitting time

 B.if no special set-up or clean-up is necessary

 C.the group is non-profit

 D.participation fees, membership fees spectator fees, and admission fees are not charged

 E.participants are residents of Vermilion Local School District

 F.verification of liability insurance will be required

If the leasing group fails to meet all of the above qualifications, the fee structure will be applicable.

Fees charged will be as near as possible to the exact amount the Board must pay for employee services. Any fee charged for energy on air conditioning, lights and equipment will be billed at the rate established in the Schedule for Charges.

A preferred rate will be granted to special groups, such as the Boy Scouts, Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A., and their respective auxiliary organizations, the Vermilion Recreation Program, and any local organization sponsoring a fund-raising activity for a direct benefit of the students or a community project.

All organized use of buildings or grounds by school groups and non-school groups must file a Building and Grounds Use Form with the administrator of the facility and property being used. Final authorization for use of the grounds or facilities will be done by the Superintendent or his designee.

The buildings and grounds are only to be used for those activities for which the facilities are designed and intended. The grounds are not to be used for dirt bike, go-cart, snowmobile and horseback riding, by way of example. The grounds are to be used only when conditions are such that no damage will be done by the activities.

All school buildings, fixed structures and grounds directly adjacent to building and structures are to be off limits to students and public from dusk to daylight. The exception to this regulation will be when students and public are involved in or attending a school function. Anyone in non-compliance of this paragraph will be considered as trespassing.

The use of all school buildings and grounds shall be governed by the R.C. 3313.75 through R.C. 3313.79:

 A.Under no conditions will a school facility (building) be opened except that there be some person in charge who is regularly employed by the Board and who is directly responsible to the Superintendent, Administrative Assistant in Charge of Business Affairs, or the Principal of the building. (Unless otherwise authorized by the Superintendent.)

 B.Adult supervision shall prevail at all times and when circumstances require, a staff of Emergency Police will be present. A bond or liability insurance will be required when determined appropriate.

 C.School cafeterias may be used only under the personal direction of employees of the cafeteria, assigned by the cafeteria manager of the school.

R.C. 3313.75 - .79, 3501.29
P.L. 98-377

Revised 12/8/08