Tippecanoe School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The Superintendent of Schools is authorized to cooperate with colleges, universities, and other recognized research agencies in promoting mutually beneficial research. Because of the large number of requests for studies in our schools, it is necessary to limit the number and establish guidelines for the approval of studies.

Research projects which involve Tippecanoe School Corporation students, employees, or facilities must be approved by the Board.

The objectives of the research should be clearly stated and the design should produce valid and reliable results which will then be made available to the TSC Board of Education.

The research should contribute to meeting the educational goals of TSC.

Data derived from school records, interviews, or questionnaires which have potential for invasion of the privacy of students or their families must have advance written authorization of parents or guardians even though the data is to be collected and reported under conditions of anonymity.

Research proposals should be of sufficient scope and depth to justify the time and effort of students and staff members.

In general, instructional activities will not be interrupted unless there is a clear significance for the educational program of the Tippecanoe School Corporation.