Tippecanoe School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


Members of the community are welcome at all public events held by the schools in the Corporation and are expected to maintain order and preserve the facilities of the Corporation during the conduct of such events. Gambling or the use, possession, or distribution of alcohol or controlled substances will not be allowed on Corporation premises or at any function sponsored by the Corporation.

Guide and service dogs used by persons requiring this type of assistance shall be permitted in all Corporation facilities and at all school events.

Audio/visual devices may be used at school events providing their use neither interferes with the conduct of the particular activity nor impinges on the enjoyment of the event by other members of the audience. The Board authorizes the Superintendent to establish rules and procedures governing the use of noncorporation audio/visual devices and equipment at any Corporation-sponsored event or activity, particularly athletic events, dramatic presentations, and graduation ceremonies. Such rules are to be distributed in such a manner that members of the audience who wish to record the event are aware of the rules early enough to make proper arrangements to obtain their recordings without causing delay or disruption to the activity.

Any person or organization seeking to film students or a school activity which is not a public event shall obtain prior permission from the Superintendent.

The Superintendent shall ensure that all notices, signs, schedules, and other communications about school events contain the following language: "The activity site is fully-accessible. Any person requiring further accommodation should contact the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel, at the School Corporation's central office."

Eligible TSC retirees, past Board members and patrons aged sixty-two (62) and older who live in the Tippecanoe School Corporation School District and obtain a free VIP pass are admitted no-charge to all TSC-sponsored events other than athletic tournaments. Your photograph will be taken for your pass. A photocopy of your driver's license will be taken.

Revised 4/11/12

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