Tippecanoe School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


An adult driver must be secured for all field trips. The use of a school bus for a field trip will be permitted only after approval by the appropriate administrative staff.

Corporation buses may be used for recreational field trips under the following conditions:



Cost for use of buses for recreational purposes shall be based upon operational costs, depreciation value, and driver cost.



Final per mile cost shall reflect full charge to user so that the Corporation has no additional expense.



The per mile charge, based upon the above factors, shall be determined by the Director of Transportation each August and made known to all schools.



Those not directly connected to the school shall be charged at the rate of cost plus ten percent (10%).

Travel to Athletic Contests

The distance traveled from school to an athletic contest shall be limited as follows:


Elementary (K-5)

within fifteen (15) miles of the county line


Middle (6-8)

within fifty (50) miles of the school and/or within an adjacent county


Senior High (9-12)

follow IHSAA regulations

All students are expected to ride the approved vehicle to and from each activity. A special request must be made to the staff member or sponsor by the parent, in writing or in person, to allow an exception.

Corporation students not affiliated with the trip activity, noncorporation students, and/or children of preschool age shall not be permitted to ride on the trip vehicle without prior approval from the principal.

No student is allowed to drive on any trip. An exception may be made by the principal on an individual basis provided the student has written parental permission.

I.C. 20-27-9-1 et seq., 20-27-9-6

Revised 3/14/12

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