Tippecanoe School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


Corporation and/or Individual School Unit Owned Vehicles

All vehicles owned by (titled to) the Corporation and/or an individual school unit within the Corporation shall be included in the fleet insurance policy.

All such vehicles shall bear "municipal" plates secured by the Director of Transportation.

All titles, license papers, and other appropriate documents shall be filed with the Director of Transportation and maintained in proper form by that office.

All regular and/or routine maintenance of such vehicles, not covered under warranty, shall be performed by the transportation department unless said department directs that the work be done privately.

Availability of Transportation

Bus transportation shall be available to students in the Corporation. Each driver shall follow routes as outlined by the Director of Transportation. Students living on established routes who will not normally ride the bus must file a written parental approval statement with the principal.

Discipline on School Buses

The driver of each bus shall be responsible for the discipline on the bus while students are en-route to and from school or school-sponsored activities. When a violation of good behavior or destruction of property warrants, a special report shall be made by the driver to the building principal for disciplinary action. A duplicate copy of this report shall be filed by the driver with the Director of Transportation.

Undesirable student behavior while riding the bus may result in the loss of the privilege of riding. The student's family will then become responsible for his/her transportation to and from school, and any absence due to this cause will be unexcused.

During field trips or other special trips, the teacher(s) and/or chaperone(s) shall be expected to regulate student conduct on the bus.

Rules of conduct for bus riders are found in the Bus Rules of Letter on file in the TSC Transportation Department, a copy of the bus rules are given to students each year.


The Director of Transportation shall be responsible for the proper inspection, maintenance, and operation of Corporation owned buses.

If unsafe conditions exist which may necessitate the re-routing or altering of bus routes, the Director of Transportation shall discuss these conditions with and make recommendations to the Superintendent. If absolutely necessary, the Director of Transportation may take immediate action to assure the safety of the students. In no case, however, should such action be prolonged without the approval of the Superintendent.

When conditions necessitate the temporary re-routing or altering of bus routes, it shall be the responsibility of the Director of Transportation to give suitable notice to driver, principals, and parents.


The Director of Transportation shall immediately report all bus accidents to the Superintendent and appropriate civil authorities.

In-Service Training

The Board encourages and supports in-service training for all transportation employees.

Driver Qualifications

Each school bus driver shall hold the appropriate operator's license required by State law and shall meet all other requirements established by the Corporation and civil law.

A drug test shall be made a part of the physical examination required of all bus driver applicants and the periodic examination of current drivers.

Traffic violations by bus drivers shall be properly recorded by the Director of Transportation. Repeated or severe violation(s) shall result in the dismissal or suspension of the driver.

Purchase of Buses

The purchase of school buses shall be in accordance with the laws of the State of Indiana and regulations of the State Board of Accounts. Where products are deemed of equal quality, the low bid shall be accepted.

A special purpose bus is any motor vehicle designed and constructed for the accommodation of more than ten (10) passengers that meets the Federal school bus safety standards except the requirement for stop arms and flashing lights, that is used by the School Corporation for transportation purposes not appropriate for school buses.

A special purpose bus may not be used to provide regular transportation of school children (except for persons enrolled in a special program for the habilitation or rehabilitation of developmentally disabled or physically disabled persons) between their residence and the school.

A special purpose bus may be used to transport students and their supervisors, including coaches, managers, and sponsors to athletic, other extracurricular school activities, and field trips.

A special purpose bus may also be used to transport homeless students.

If the special purpose bus has a capacity of less than sixteen (16) passengers, the operator must hold a valid operator’s, chauffeur’s, commercial drivers, or public passenger chauffeur’s license. If the special purpose bus has a capacity of more than fifteen (15) passengers, the operator must meet the requirements of a regular school bus driver.

A special purpose bus is not required to be constructed, equipped, or painted as specified for a regular school bus.

Transportation of eligible vocational or special education children between their home areas and schools outside the Corporation shall be arranged through the use of Corporation-owned vehicles, through cooperation with other corporations, through commercial carriers, and/or by other means in the most efficient and economical manner.

The Board authorizes the installation and use of video recording devices in the school buses to assist the drivers in providing for the safety and well-being of the students while on a bus.

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Revised 6/9/10
Revised 3/14/12

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