Tippecanoe School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


When the schools are in session and inclement weather occurs, the Director of Transportation shall recommend to the Superintendent the necessity of closing school because of road conditions. The Superintendent shall have the authority to close schools is s/he deems such a decision necessary for the safety of students and employees. When the Superintendent decides to close schools due to inclement weather, s/he shall notify radio and television stations of this decision. The Central Office shall notify each principal if schools are to be closed. Principals shall notify bus drivers that serve their schools. Special education drivers shall be notified by the Director of Transportation.

When schools are not in session, the Superintendent shall announce closing due to inclement weather to the media. No attempts shall be made to notify employees personally.

Building principals shall annually review or revise their individual building emergency procedure plan and file same with the Superintendent's office.

Emergency procedures concerning tornado alerts, severe wind storms, or other general emergencies, shall be detailed in information supplied to each building principal.


A disaster plan for the Corporation shall be prepared, in accordance with State regulations, by the Superintendent's office.


Each building principal will be responsible for ensuring the completion of periodic disaster drills during the school year. Principals will provide documentation to the Superintendent, or designee, certifying the completion of the following drills:

 A.FIRE (Evacuate) - one (1) drill per month

 B.TORNADO PREPAREDNESS (Shelter) - one (1) drill per semester

 C.MAN-MADE OCCURRENCE (Lockout and Lockdown) - one (1) drill per semester

I.C. 20-34-3-20
511 IAC 6-2-1(b)(7)(8), 2-4-3

Revised 1/14/15