Tippecanoe School Corporation
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Live animals shall be allowed in the classroom for educational purposes with the prior approval of the principal.

Animals brought into a classroom must be humanely and properly housed in cages or leashed. Animals brought into the classroom must be known to be in good health. Animals that are poisonous, venomous, or dangerous will not be allowed in the classroom.

When bringing an animal into the classroom, considerations must be given to students or staff who may be allergic to the animal. In advance of the animal being brought to school, a notification will be sent home with the students in that class informing parents of the type of animal that will be coming into the classroom and its duration of stay. Parents will have an opportunity to notify the teacher or the principal if their child is allergic to the animal. If a parent responds about a concern regarding a possible allergic reaction to the animal, the principal and teacher shall discuss options that may be considered. The name of the student with the allergy shall remain confidential.

If after an animal is brought to class and school officials become aware that an individual did have an allergic reaction, the school shall resolve the issue and provide the necessary cleaning of all surfaces in the classroom to remove the allergen.

The care of an animal is the responsibility of the teacher. Cages and aquariums shall be cleaned by the teacher, not a student. Animal waste and materials from the cages shall be bagged and disposed of in a proper manner in a proper outside trash container. Waste water from an aquarium may be disposed of by flushing it down a toilet or any sink where food is not prepared. For animals staying in the classroom for longer than that day, it is the teacherís responsibility to provide care over the weekends and during vacations.

Under the teacherís supervision, students may handle the animal in the classroom after being given instruction on proper handling techniques for handling the animal, as well as proper hand washing techniques after handling the animal. When appropriate, students may feed the animal under the supervision of the teacher.

Live animal presentations and assemblies under the supervision and control of a trained professional may at times have more unique animals and may not be allowed in the classrooms. These presentations are allowed in accordance with the provisions of this policy.

Students should not bring personal pets to school at any time without the approval of the principal.

Exceptions to this policy are service animals and fish in an aquarium provided the fish are of a reasonable size and quantity.

Indiana Department of Health Model Policies
I.C. 16-19-3-5, 16-41-37.5
410 IAC 33-4-1 through 8

Adopted 11/14/12

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